DOVPO VEE - 1.0v-8.0v Variable Voltage Box


DOVPO VEE is a collaboration between and dovpo. It house 2 x 18650 battery in series.

After adding safety features and regulation capabilities to a mechanical vape device, cutting all the bells and whistles from a regulated device you normally see these days, we came up with the VEE.

Instead of regulating wattage, you regulate voltage from 1.0v to 8.0v on the VEE. From the digital display, you can see clearly your desired voltage, real-time output voltage while vaping and resistance of the attached atomizer. There’s an LED to indicate battery level. Isn’t that all the information that you need?



1. Size: 87.0*47.5*29.5mm

2. Material: Zinc Alloy

3. Working Voltage: 6.4v - 8.4v

4. Output Voltage Range: 1.0v - 8.0v

5. Resistance Range: 0.05Ω - 3.5Ω

6. Working Mode: Voltage Mode



1. Battery Reversal Protection

2. Short-circuit Protection

3. Open-circuit Warning

4. Overtime Protection

5. Low Voltage Protection

6. Over-temperature Protection

DOVPO VEE - 1.0v-8.0v Variable Voltage Box

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