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Technical Support

As a leading company in the industry, Dovpo cares about the quality and performance of all its products.  An independent Quality Control Organization is set up to monitor each production line and ensure 100% safety of the products. 

DOVPO was founded by a group of researchers, developers and business experts who strive to find a premium solution for vaping.  Dovpo possess the most abundant experience about manufacturing suitable products for consumers and we personally test each newly developed product before it ever sells.  

The R & D Department of Dovpo includes eight R & D engineers, two electrical engineers and two ID design engineers. They all have abundant industry experience as well as university degree’s.  This powerful and excellent R & D team remains devoted to providing high-quality, multi-functional, and affordable vaping products.


Dovpo makes quality affordable! 

DOVPO USA Warranty Claims


Dovpo USA takes great pride in our products. Every device exiting our factories, passing through our authorized retailers, and making it into the hands of our customers enjoys a 90 Day warranty against manufacturer defect from date of purchase.


To claim your warranty, simply print and complete our warranty form (download link below) with a brief description of the issue you’re experiencing and ship your device with a copy of your original purchase receipt to our USA repair facility (address listed on this page).  The more information you give us, the faster we can process your warranty and offer a repair or replacement at no additional cost to you.


Please note, the following items are required for warranty service. There will be no exceptions:


  • The device being warrantied

  • A copy of the original purchase receipt (no hand-written receipts are accepted)

  • A copy of the warranty form, filled out with a description of the problem


Only devices purchased from authorized retailers are warrantied. Please note, devices purchased from Online Auction sites, or retailers outside the USA are not warrantied.


Additionally, the following issues are not warrantied:


  • Misuse/Abuse (including damage to USB ports resulting from improper removal of chargers)

  • Modification of Device

  • Excessive Dripping/Over Dripping of RDAs resulting in juice inside the device.

  • Accidents (dropping, cracked screens, etc.)

  • User Error


Thank you for purchasing your Dovpo product, we hope you enjoy many years of enjoyment with it.


Warm regards,


Your Team at Dovpo USA.

6925 Lake Ellenor Dr

Suite 470

Orlando, Fl 32809

Direct: (407) 545 - 3698


Dovpo USA
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